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Fort Ironwall was situated atop a large mountain and overlooked the valley below. The dragon was cautious and would not approach during daylight.

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Our Hero builder lets you personalize a virtual character with stunning AI generated images. Receive epic weekly tales from around your hometown and beyond!

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Instantly create one-off custom stories about any topic or theme!
Make personalized kids stories, baby books, adult novels or fan-fiction. Simply give us a sentence and our AI writer will do the rest.

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Endless Fun.

From fairytales and bedtime stories to sci-fi, fantasy and romance. Finding something to read will never be a challenge again!

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Read books about your hometown, add yourself into your favorite TV series or go on a quest with your best friend!

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Unlimited Creativity.

Think up wild new worlds and crazy characters. The only limit is your imagination!

Our Mission

We want everyone to discover their passion for reading.
The cognitive benefits of reading are enormous for people of all ages but especially children: helping to boost concentration, creativity and literacy.


How can I write a good story prompt?
The best prompts are descriptive. Try to include all the main details of the story you want while being as concise as possible.

For example, instead of:
  • a magic house
  • a girl named Anne who finds an ancient magic house on her street that can grant wishes.
How can I get more credits?
You can refer a friend! While signed in, copy your unique referral code from the top of the home page. When someone uses your code to create an account (and verifies their email) we will give both of you additional story credits. You can repeat this up to 10 times!
What is the private and public setting on the books for?
Books you generate that are private, will only appear in your personal library.

If you set your book to public mode it will appear in the public library for everyone to enjoy!

You can always share a link to your story and it will be viewable by anyone with the link.
Why does my book say it failed?
Books can fail during the creation process for technical reasons or occasionally if the prompt produces a story containing unsuitable themes. A failed book won't reduce your credits.
How long does it take for my book to complete?
The story generator usually takes no more than a minute, but if there is a lot of demand it could take a few minutes, we'll email you when it's ready.
What does the red exclamation mark on a story mean?
This symbol means the story may contain themes that are unsuitable for some readers. Stories with this mark will not currently appear in the public library even when marked as public.
Are the stories child-friendly?
We have a number of measures in place to ensure that generated stories are suitable for kids but we strongly recommend that adults read through the books first. Verified stories (with the blue tick) have been reviewed and suitable for most children.
How does the generator work?
Using a type of machine learning called deep learning we generate a book based on the sentence you provide. We then use a different type of AI to generate images.
Can you resend me the verification email?
While logged in click on the menu icon in the top left corner. Then click on 'resend verification email'.


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